Surviving in the Desert with Little Versus Desert City Survival in Dubai

I took desert survival training a long time ago. I spent a few months in a very hot desert place out in a southwestern state. I remember nights cold enough that there could be frost and temperatures that soared over 100 degrees during the day. There were temperature swings on some days that were equal to around 100 degrees as it could go from 30 to over 120 in hours. I drove a vehicle in the desert that was specially outfitted for the environment. It had AC, but it was awful to use in that you felt worse after shutting it off and getting hit in the face with the desert heat again.

I learned to enjoy the shady spots and to shut down almost all activity during the hottest parts of the day. I became like the little mammals that survived out here moving only in the short windows of time where it was not too hot or too cold. You could turn in early on a clear night outdoors and be freezing soon after the sun went down. I never thought that a warm sleeping bag would be beneficial in the desert, but it most certainly was. This was in my mind when I visited Dubai as part of the job for the company I am employed with. There, I drove a Hyundai that was no different than the vehicle I drive back home.

The difference is the urban infrastructure is there to help with survival. There are cool buildings to enter, plenty of water and you can stay warm on a cold desert night when the sky is clear and the heat radiates back into space at a rapid rate. I could even move around in the city quite comfortably as the buildings and city are designed to make this possible in the middle of the desert. However, if the electricity shut off there, I would have been back to my roots of surviving like I did when working in the desert southwest all those years ago.